UPDATE: I'm Back!

Hey guys not really a news article but more of a message to our readers that I am back after taking a break from Droid-Den to concentrate on my studies. I know it has been a while since I posted anything but my studies take priority over posting news (Sorry about that).

This week I'll be posting an article on how well Android 4.0.3 (ICS) works on my, almost 2 year old, HTC Desire and I'll be posting the "Droid-Den's Weekly Update" article (formerly known as Android News Weekly Update) where you can get a quick look of this week's Android news. If you own a desire and into flashing your device with beta ROMs the links to such ROMs will be at the bottom of this post. I have been using it as my main driver for the past few weeks and here's a minor preview, "It runs fairly well".

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Since this post doesn't really have much news attached to it and Mobile World Congress (shall be known as 'MWC' from now on) is at the end of the month, why don't you guys let us know in the comments what you are looking forward to seeing from MWC. Which devices are you looking forward to seeing? Which manufacturer do you think will have the best products on show? I personally was looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S III but that has been confirmed by Samsung that it will not be at MWC. So I'm now turning my interest to everything else rumoured to be at the show (like the HTC Ville and the LG X3). Sound out in the comments below.

Remember Droid-Den is giving you the chance to win an Official Android Mug. Entrants must be made by the end of tomorrow so If you haven't entered the competition yet, you still have sometime (hurry up! :) ).

There are two HTC Desire ICS builds that I know of:

UPDATE: The review of the ICS rom on the HTC Desire may be delayed due to an update coming out with full HWA (hardware acceleration) implemented :). Might upgrade to a video review.