How To Get A Working Amazon Appstore For Android If You ARE NOT American

This will allow non-Americans to download FREE apps from the Amazon App store. It won't work for paid apps because you will be using a fake credit card number. However, it WILL WORK for those daily free premium apps, which is one of the major reasons you'd want to use this.

Word of caution, you are best off creating a new Amazon account using a new email address for this, as Amazon are likely to ban your account if they find out :) Full details after the break!

Instructions are below:

  1. Get yourself a fake email account.
  2. Register on Amazon with your fake email ID.
  3. While registering you’ll now need a US address, US mobile number and a US credit card.
  4. Go to fakenamegenerator to get a fake american name, address, mobile number and a credit card number.
  5. Fill this information for you account, and select this information as default.
  6. Download Amazon Appstore APK and install it on your phone.
  7. Run the app and login with the above created account.
  8. If you get a notification saying that an update to amazon App Store is available ignore it.