Google Play Weekly Downloads [September 27 2012]

Hello all and welcome back to our Weekly Downloads post! Every week, a few apps/games to download and eat away at your battery!

1. Bad Piggies HD  [FREE]

Starting off today with a sure-fire hit. Banking off the success of the Angry Birds Franchise, Rovio had welcomed a sure soon to be hit among mobile gaming fans. Bad Piggies is a game centralized around the Piggies that those Angry Birds are always seeking revenge upon. They are the main stars this time around and they bring a whole type of gameplay as well.

The game is focused mechanics to achieve 3 stars in each levels. You are given a grid with boxes to build with certain materials an apparatus that can help move your piggies around the stage. For example I was given a box and a wheel and combined them to then travel down a hill to reach the goal. It gets a little bit more difficult but it is for sure a great alternative to flinging birds around a screen. The game has about 60 levels and is sure to come with updates later down the road. Download it today!
[youtube] [app]com.rovio.BadPiggiesHD[/app]

2. Subway Surfers  [FREE]

Oh man another Temple Run type game.......Rest assured this game is actually quite fun and i prefer it over Temple Run. Off the bat the thing i love the most is the graphics. They are pretty impressive and are very nice on my Nexus 7. The premise of the game is that you are basically doing graffiti on the side of a Subway car and get caught by an officer with his pooch. You then are being chased and this is where the gameplay begins. You can dodge left to right by swiping left to right. Jump by swiping up and roll under by swiping down. The game will have you dodging subway cars left and right and even hoping from the roofs of each one. There are cool power ups like sneakers, hover boards, and also rockets. The game has achievements as well. During your run you collect coins as well to unlock all these power ups. It's a great game for pick up and go and has great visuals. Download it!
[youtube] [app]com.kiloo.subwaysurf[/app]

3.Probe the Humans [FREE]

Title says it enough folks. We need to "probe the humans". No we don't get to do this in the game. But this is the prelude to that horrible occurrence. We must really capture the humans first. You are an alien in a space ship. You have an ever continuous  retracter beam that is beamed underneath the ship. The game has the ship going from left to right as you progress through the level. Now your job is to direct the retracting beam to pick up whatever you can. Humans , animals,and coins are good. Tanks, barrels of dynamite, and other hazardous things that don't belong in our ship are bad. The game get really fast and addictive once you keep playing. Since your finger is what is doing the guiding, I suggest this to be a tablet only game. Unless you have a 5 inch screen phone which is ok too. Download this game today!
[youtube] [app]com.gameresort.probethehumans[/app]