Google Play Weekly Downloads [Oct 24 2012]

1. Facelock for Apps Pro  [FREE] and [$2.99]

For users that are not on Jellybean, this app is for you. For users that are already on Jellybean, this app may benefit you as well. Facelock brings the Face unlock software on most Android Devices with a added twist. This app throws in also the added benefit of using your face to Unlock applications as well. Its Facelock for "inside" your phone once its already unlocked. For example. Don't want any one looking at your gallery? Every time they press the app to open, face unlock will come up and only open with your face. It is a great app and i am sure will be beneficial to many. The free version will lock the protected apps: market, task manager, settings and one app of your choice. Of course the Paid has unlimited App locking as well as a few other features. Give it a Download!


2. Pattrn  [FREE]

I know many of you guys love Wallpaper apps as much as me. I have about 3 wallpaper applications. This one app is very different and in my opinion has a great selection of colorful Pattern like Wallpapers. I love the menu UI which has a Holo like feel. The wallpapers are all derived from the COlOURlovers Community at Also has a feature where you can generate a random wallpaper daily set for your phone. You can have a random one set or one picked from your favorites.  This is a great app with a lot of different wallpapers that are not in a lot of wallpaper apps. Download this app today!



3. 7 Little Words [FREE] [.99]

7 Little Words is an addictive puzzle game and I cannot put it down. This game I have been playing for at least a week. It is a very challenging puzzle game. If you like anagram games this is definitely up your alley. Each puzzle consists of 7 clues to figure out 7 mystery words. There are 20 letter groups of 3 and 2 letter tiles. You use the tiles to make words and finish the puzzle. There are 30 puzzles for free that you can play. You can pay for additional puzzles at 99 cent a group. They also have it in Spanish as well. This is an excellent game with great hours of addictive puzzle play. Download it!