Google Play Weekly Downloads [May 25 2012]

Hello my name is Richard aka DroidExaminer. Here at Droid-Den on every Friday, I will give you a review on a couple of Google Play gems that I feel are worthy of a download. Here are this week’s must downloads.

1. Sea Stars by HotHead Games [Free]

Not a lot of games in the Google Play Store that offer great level design and one touch controls. Sea Stars is a fun free game with a lot of appeal for all ages. You basically are going through levels trying to collect stars and other power ups. The one touch controls make it very intuitive. You basically hold the touch screen and the character will dip low. Release and the character will go high and even can submerge from water to dive back down. You need to manuever around a bit to avoid "bad jellies" and other hazardous animals and obstacles. there are other Sea Characters to unlock and you can also buy power ups. Download it!



2. Shoot the Zombirds by  Infinite Dreams [Free]

Shoot the Zombirds just came out yesterday and it is actually a great sleeper game that is under the radar. Brought to you by Infinite Games, the same people who brought the ever popular Can knockdown and my personal favorite Jelly Defense. The one thing this developer is known for in all their games is eye candy. Off the bat the visuals here are stunning. the grave yard and eerie feel is evident throughout each level. The soundtrack is stellar as well. Spooky sounds and funny little pumpkins squeals make this definitely a game that will turn heads when played very loudly.

You are a pumpkin Guy who basically must shoot down Zombie birds. Some carrying little pumpkin children who you must rescue. Some objectives are that you must shoot down a certain amount of zombirds. You shoot them down with a bow and arrow. Simple touch and drag and then release controls are used here and it works well. You shoot an arrow and hit one bird, it may trickle down and hit two more. It brings new meaning to the term "hitting two birds with one stone". Havent gotten too far but this game looks promising in its early stages. Download it.
[youtube] [app]pl.idreams.ShootTheZombirds[/app]


3. Picsplay Pro [$3.99] Picplay [Free]

Know you should know by now that I love and enjoy Instagram and editing pictures. I currently was accustomed to using PicsArt for all my picture edits. I was getting a little bored and decided to give PicsPlay a try. I must say by far this is my new favorite Picture app. It is so robust and rich with its filters. You must buy this app. The free app does not even touch the amount of things that you can do with your pictures. You can add your favorite filters to a favorite screen for easy access. There is so many HDR and my favorite Grunge filters for you to mess with. ALso a really cool feature is the "Time Matrix" feature which has a slider that you can go back by year and see the different filters that would age your picture. This app is so awesome and I will definitely be using it for a while. For users that are familiar with the Iphone only and coming soon app Snapseed, this is a true alterantive.....until Snapseed does arrive which will probably destroy every other photo app. Anyways download it!!
[youtube] [app]com.jellybus.fx[/app] [app]com.jellybus.fxfree[/app]