Google Play Weekly Downloads [May 11 2012]

Hello my name is Richard aka DroidExaminer. Here at Droid-Den on every Friday, I will give you a review on a couple of Google Play gems that I feel are worthy of a download. Here are this week’s must downloads.

1. Lil' Kingdom By Glu Mobile [Free]

This week I asked a few people on Twitter (follow me @droidexaminer) what games they were playing. One of my replies was from a gentleman named @just_reboot . He had recommended this game "Lil' Kingdom". Upon the icon pic in the Google play store I was skeptical. It was of a little orange dragon. I thought to myself, here is another sim casual game where you level up a dragon and raise it. Boring. Well I was completely wrong about the game and what it is actually about.

Basically you our in control of a Kingdom. A princess in atop of a castle and it is up to "expand it with underground floors consisting of restaurants, inns, entertainment, and clothing shops. You earn coins and glu coins/credits doing numerous tasks like expanding another floor, moving in a new character, and or just touching a character on the screen. You can level up certain floors and then stock it up to earn money as customers flock to different stores. You must hire and assign your dwellers of the underground floors to different jobs that may suite there need to keep them happy. Every couple of minutes the door will knock on the top floor and a customer or maybe a special character comes and is expected to be taken to the floor of their choosing indicated by a number over their head. Take them to the right floor and you will be rewarded with coins or sometimes glu credits/coins. The game has excellent little graphics and the characters are cute and spiteful at times. My only flaw is the loading it takes between each reenter into the game. Its amazing just swiping up and down floors and just watching these little guy interact. It may just be our own digital ant farm. Download it.
[youtube] [app]com.glu.tinydungeon[/app]

2. Logo Quiz by J-roen [Free]

This game has been slowly creeping up the "Free App" ladder in the Google Play store. It's currently sitting at number 3 and for a very good reason. This little simple game is clever and at heart very challenging. I have seen in the stores a board game that has the same idea but this app simplifies it as an app. You basically are given a screen with multiply "logos" some range from popular restaurants chains to automobile manufacturers. The idea is to find out which one is which. You click on the logo and just type in the name. (spelling is key btw) If you are correct when you see the logo in the list view, it will have a green highlight underneath. Any apps you get wrong will have a red highlight underneath. It even totals how many tries you have had per each logo. I have tried a lot but still have many to go. This may not be a game you will keep on your phone for long. But a cool one to show to friends or even test your own logo skills. One recommendation wold be to have profiles for different users on one phone. Download it.



3.MultiPost by Sais Workshop [Free]

Well what have we have here. This is a little gem i stumbled upon in the market. It is very light at only 188kb total. This app for me anyway was designed to be a crutch for multi posting to Google Plus and Twitter. Currently Google has not released the API necessary to have Google Plus posting, feeds, and other features being integrated in other apps that support more than one social website, for example Tweetcaster and Seesmic which has Facebook integrated into its twitter time lines. Although this app does not have the ability to see timelines, it does the job in terms of posting for all your social apps you have downloaded.

Now you first open up the app and check box each app you would like to Multipost. Second, you type in whatever you want to post in the box. The last and third step is where the bulk of the work from Multipost is done. Each post dialog pox will pop up from each app you checked and you just press send when each opens up.

(Basically it Copies and Pastes your status' automatically for you. Only thing you need to do is press send on each one. This step may turn away many people but for people who like to post the same stuff on all your social apps, having this may come in handy until Google plus is integrated into another app. But honestly for all your social needs I like the easy functionality of this app. Download it.



I would like to close and say thank you for all my new followers on Twitter and Google plus for all your support. RT these posts and always look on for all your Android needs!

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