Google Play Weekly Downloads [March 21 2013]

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1. Benji Bananas  [FREE]

Benji Bananas is exactly what the title suggests..Bananas. This game is an exciting physics type game which is both fun and challenging at the same time. The game play is simple and intuitive and once you start you really cannot stop.

The game starts off with a quick tutorial. You basically are swinging from vine to vine collecting bananas through the air and also inside of trees. The timing of your swings depends on how long you press down on the touch screen. You must press down in order to grab onto a vine. Don't press it in time and you will fall. The levels are superbly done and have great graphics. This game is free in the Play Store and is sure to help you pass time. Download it today!
[youtube] [app]com.fingersoft.benjibananas[/app]

2.Nutty Fluffies   [FREE]

This game was recommended to me by one of my students. They had this game on their Nexus 10 and I saw how great it was. Nutty Fluffies is a roller coaster game where you spend earned coins on different types of tracks. You collect hearts as you go through each track to unlock more tracks and characters that can ride inside your roller coaster. Each character can give you different power ups during the roller coaster ride. You control the coaster with a simple swipe from left to right. You can control the speed of the coaster by swiping as well. You can lose passengers depending on how your coaster travels throughout the track which results in lower heart gathering. The game has excellent game physics and also graphics. You also have missions to unlock even more coins and unlockables. This is a fun game and should be very entertaining. Download this today!
[youtube] [app]com.UBI.A90.WW[/app]


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