Google Play Weekly Downloads [June 8 2012]

Hey Everyone I hope you had a good week. I have 3 great apps/games for you guys to try out. I hope you download and enjoy!

1. Oscura by MTV networks [$1.99]

I love platform games. I especially loved playing the awesome yet underappreciated game Limbo for the XBox 360. This game i feel will hopefully not have the same fate. This is an awesome and strategic platform game. The visuals are compelling and the gameplay is  platforming at its best.

You are basically restoring the light in  a land where a lighthouse had lit a whole island. Your character must collect shards of lights and cogs in each level to help restore the lost light. What is great is that it has awesome platform like elements. It has save points via light post lamps your character lights upon passing by. He is constantly carrying a light flame in his hand throughout the game to do so. My favorite part of the game is the slow time special. With a swipe of the touch screen, your character does a spin and the whole level turns black and white and time slows down. Making difficult jumps, fast chasing enemies really slow. It is a great element and is very needed at times. You can't have it on forever though because your shard meter will diminish every time you use the special. This game is very challenging and difficult at times but a sure treat. the default game play set up is hold the opposite touch screen to run in that direction and the other to jump or double tap to high jump. I recommend using on-screen controls in the settings. It makes it a much more enjoyable experience. This game is a true sleeper with only less than 50 downloads and 9 ratings in Google Play at the time of this posting. Download it!
[youtube] [app]com.mtvn.oscuraandroid[/app]

2. Sea Battle Live by DragonPlay  [Free]

Combine the classic game of Battleship, with the online elements of word games like Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends, and you have Sea Battle live.

This game lets you play the classic online with other friends. It's a great small game to pass time and play really quick with someone. Not to be confused with the just released awful Transformer clone movie of the same name, this i assure will definitely be worth the free download. You can play against friends or against a random opponent. you can also Chat as well. Developed by the same people that brought us Live Holdem Poker, the online experience is seamless and lagless. I love it and you should Download it now!
[youtube] [app]com.dragonplay.seabattle[/app]


3. Gyro [Free]

Gyro has been on many sites radars these last weeks and i finally gave it a download. It is by far a very challenging and addictive puzzle game.

You have a circle with 3 color spectrums. Orange, Blue and Purple. Certain dots of these colors in various shapes will fly in at certain speeds for you to blend with its corresponding color. The catch is that you must move the Gyro around to catch these colors. For example a Blue small circle floating towards the orange will make you spin it around so it fall into the blue side. You have certain power ups like a force filed that will allow you to absorb any color for a short amount of time. It gets more difficult as you progress and gather more color dots. This is a great game with a lot of promise. Down load it.
[youtube] [app]pl.submachine.gyro[/app]

Thank you and i hope you all enjoyed this weeks apps!