Google Play Weekly Downloads [June 22 2012]

Hey Everyone I hope you had a good week. I have 3 great apps/games for you guys to try out. I hope you download and enjoy!

1. Soccer SuperStars by Gamevil [Free]

I honestly believe when it comes to sports games with season and player customization that Gamevil always hits a home run or in this case a GOALLLLL!!!!! Known for they very popular Baseball Superstars which I love a lot, this game is the second outing of Soccer Superstars and with the added "2012" to the title, it adds fun and pizzaz that not many soccer games have.

The fad now in the market that i am seeing in the Google play store is Soccer simulators. They boast great graphics but no true gameplay aspect. Sure there is Real Football 2012, but once in a while I would like to blast a soccer ball past a Goalie using special attacks like cannons or flames. Yeah it's that fun.

You can customize your team and character with skin color and hair style. Name your team choose your jersey and your ready. You can attribute up your players after winning each match. It robust and just as fun as Baseball Superstars 2012 is. The graphics are fun and cartoon like and compliment the great gameplay as well. Give it a go and download it!!!
[youtube] [app][/app]

2. Mini Motor Racing  [$.99]

Buy This game. No reason why if you have $.99 in your Google account why you do not have this game. MIni Motor racing currently is part of Google's "Longest Day" deals and is currently only $.99. The game is regularly at $1.99 which is still steal.

Basically to make a long story short you have little mini racer cars on a track to racing in top down prospective in various locations. The graphics are by far the best i have seen on a racer. The lighting effects and gradients are so vivid. The gameplay is so much fun and intuitive with a very clever on-screen steering wheel that is very welcome. Using Nitro boost to pass by racers is very fun and the drift like turns are very cool. You can customize certain aspects of your car with money earned in races like Top speed , nitro and Handling. It's a fun game and has a robust and very long Campaign of races. Lots of cool cars to unlock as well. Download it asap!!
[youtube] [app]com.nextgenreality.minimoto[/app]

3. Mighty Text [Free]

This is such a great tool for anybody with an Android phone. Basically install Mighty Text on your phone. Install the appropriate web app or extension to your browser ie IE, Chrome, or Firefox. Then  access your texts from the web app. You get notifications of texts and can also send texts. You don't even need your phone at all. Lets say your texting your mom and your phone dies. Hop on the cpu and continue your convo.   MightyText routes msgs through your Android;your carrier WILL charge you as if you sent SMS from your phone. MightyText charges no additional fee. It's a great tool for us android users who are always on the cpu. Download it no reason why not to![app]com.texty.sms[/app]

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks apps!!!