Google Play Weekly Downloads [June 15 2012]

Hey Everyone I hope you had a good week. I have 3 great apps/games for you guys to try out. I hope you download and enjoy!

1. Temple Run Brave [$1.99]

We all love Temple Run and it adrenaline pumping gameplay. Taking a page from the Angry Birds Rio success that Rovio had. Imangi has teamed up with Disney to bring this surprising excellent version of Temple Run which is not just a "skin" over Temple Run, but a great addition to sit next the successful Run and swipe adventure game.

There are graphic improvements slightly. The environments are great and have a Scotland theme throughout the level. You also have arrows at your disposal to throw at targets for extra points. There are unlockable extras just like the original Temple Run. Great Game with an added Disney Brave twist. Download it.
[youtube] [app]com.disney.brave_google[/app]

2. Babel Rising  [$.99]

Babel Rising. This is one of the greatest stories in the bible and now it is a playable game. At first I was wondering how this game will play out but in the end it had excellent gameplay for many to enjoy.

The idea of the game is to stop men from making a tower of Babel that can reach the Heavens. You can read the story here The Tower of Babel. The game involve you playing the role of God and trying to thwart the men from trying to build a tower to reach the heavens. You utilize many elements to do so. There are six in total but some examples are thunderbolts, typhoons, and earthquakes. The game has excellent graphics and a humourous sense that will actually be enjoyable for anyone to pick up and play. Give it a try and download it!
[youtube] [app]com.mando.babelrising[/app]

3. Tweedle [Free]

Yes yes another Twitter client. With so many clients available like Plume, Seesmic, and Tweetcaster, who needs another client. Well my friends this is one client that may be just up your alley.

This client boasts a pretty looking UI or user interface that is Holo inspired (IO resembles Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0). It has notifications, it has customizable  color themes ( you cannot change the timeline color yet) and it is pretty fast. This is by far not bad for being only at version 1.0.3. SOme of these features may just seem like been there done that by just reading by I  encourage you to just download it and give it a try.


Thank you and i hope you all enjoyed this weeks apps!