Google Play Weekly Downloads [June 1 2012]

Hello my name is Richard aka DroidExaminer. Here at Droid-Den on every Friday, I will give you a review on a couple of Google Play gems that I feel are worthy of a download. Here are this week’s must downloads.

1. SAS Zombie Assault 3 [Free]

Wow. My twitter followers have been hearing me speak of a certain game that ahs had me hooked for a while. This game is it. Take the Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode, minus the power ups, and you have this excellent multiplayer zombie fest.

The basis of the game is simply just like GunBros, where waves of baddies are coming for you and you must fend them off with whatever arsenal of weapons you have. You receive cash throughout the game to buy weapons after unlocking and also buying ammo too. You start off with a pistol and work you way up to unlock more weapons and also more rankings. Yes rankings are there and it is quite fun to try to get as much Experience points during a match to try to achieve them. Kill zombies fix barricades to slow the zombies down are key to survival.

Modes that are available are Single Player, Co op Multiplayer, Private match , and Daily MIssions. Single player has 5 different settings where zombies come and you kill them. Co Op basically puts you online with 3 other online players at random to battle zombies. Private match is my favorite. You can host a private match to play online with a friend. just jump in give your friend the Match ID and you guy can tag team with up to 4 players. The daily missions are fun to unlock also. You have certain stipulations in some missions for example I could only use grenades to kill the zombies. You even play these missions online as well but sadly no private co-op missions. Such a fun game with a lot of replay value and tons of unlockable weapons. Great soundtrack and sounds that are creepy as well. Down load it!

hit me up @droidexaminer on twitter if ya want to have a private match some time.


2. Songify by Smule [Free]

This app has been circulating around and trending for quite some time. I decided to take it for a spin to see all the hype. I for certain did not know or understand the concept of the app until i downloaded it. After a couple sure is fun.

Basically take the ever popular Auto Tune. You can love it or hate it but the truth is that it is a very interesting dynamic when you can make your own auto tune song in less than a minute. Press record say a few words and it automatically "autotunes" it and adjusts the pitch based on what part of the song is playing. It adjusts to the beat nicely. You can upload it to save in your "My Spotify" folder and share it to fbook,text,email, and twitter. It is an interesting app that was made by the ever popular Youtube Group "The Gregory Brothers" whose "Autotune the news" videos have been a hit success. Try it out, download it and check out the Songify I did to get an idea of how it sounds.

Droid-Den Songify


3. Munch Time by Gamistry [Free] [$1.07]

This next title is sure to keep you away from Angry Birds Space for a little while. This title is a puzzle platformer. If i had to describe it i would say it was a mesh between Cut the Rope and Beans Quest.

You first have a remarkable looking game with great animations and great scalable backgrounds. The colors are superb as well. You lay a Chameleon. Just like Cut The Rope the idea is to get 3 Stars before eating the in level worm. You move your Chameleon by pressing the screen. Now he can't jump and can only move from left to right on wherever platform he is. The way he can ascend is by touching flowers on the screen. By doing this his tongue will come out and he will swing until the screen is touched again. You must utilize these flowers in the levels to help you access certain areas of the stage to complete and more importantly get all 3 stars. The flowers have different powers as well. You must eat a certain color orb and then your Chameleon will change to that flowers corresponding color. The different attributes of each flower varies. For example swinging from a white flower will just have the Chameleon go left or right with momentum, while the red flower actually spins the Chamaeleon round and round like a fan really fast. later levels some flowers even can propel him high as if he was shot out a cannon. The level design is great and very much so a platformer but a puzzler at heart.

Download it this is a fun game and very creative level designs make it even better!
[youtube] [app]nl.gamistry.Chameleon[/app] [app]nl.gamistry.ChameleonLite[/app]