Google Play Weekly Downloads [July 20 2012]

Here is this weeks Great Google Play Store gems!

1. The Dark Knight Rises [$5.99]

Releasing on the same day it is released in theatres, The Dark Knight rises delivers a bat punch like none ever. I saw the IMAX version last night and it was a phenomenal movie. Whats best is that this game compliments and pays homage to the movie, while giving you a little extra as well.

First this game is a lengthy download like its other Gameloft counterparts. We are talking 2gigs od data. But the data count is high for the amount of graphics, details and missions you will be on. Batman looks great on my Galaxy Nexus and I can't even fathom how much better the game may be on a tablet. It's a brawler with strategic missions and great graphics. You cant get that often. Download it!
[youtube] [app][/app]

2. 1Tap Quick Bar  [FREE]

Does your phone currently lack toggles in the notifications bar? Some Android UI's that are skins like Touchwiz, or Sense 4.0, may have toggles already installed. You may have also installed a ROM like AOKP that have the ability to have toggles as well. What are toggles? Well toggles are like switch or buttons that sit in your notification bar for quick and easy on/off ability for certain system functions. For example turning on your wi-fi, turning on your GPS, or even adjusting your screen brightness.

1Tap not only gives you toggles, it also lets you customize then with preset colors ans layouts. It also lets you set contacts and apps in your notifications bar as well. It's a great tools and for free you cannot beat it. If you want to pay a little extra you can have 2 bars in your notification drop down. Download it!


3. Major Mayhem [FREE]

Talk about action. This game brings a lot to the plate. With insane cel shaded graphics and great gameplay. This is a keeper. You basically control Major Mayhem through levels to save his girlfriend who wa captured by ninjas. The game control his movement through the level in side scroll fashion. We basically touch the screen to shoot at whatever target is there. pressing jump when indicated helps out as well. Now the name of the game is Mayhem so we need to accomplish this to get the highest score we can. By causing destruction and mayhem and strings of shot combos, this can be done easily. It's very lengthy as well in terms of levels. This is a great pick up and go game for anybody on the go. Great game and free Download it!
[youtube] [app]com.turner.asmajormayhem[/app]