Google Play Weekly Downloads [July 13 2012]

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. Here our my 3 app downloads for this week!

1. Songza [FREE]

Songza has come in handy this last week for many reasons. First this is a music app. Yes we have Pandora, IHeartRadio, Slacker, and now Songify. But this is where Songza stands out on its own. You ever needed a playlist of songs for walking away from explosions? Or maybe for Epic walking? Swaggin down the block maybe? Well there is a playlist for you then.

Songza goes by what time of the day is and suggests certain playlist for you right at the start. Here are some example playlists

Reading the paper

Morning Commute

Feeling Confident

SInging in the shower

Pre Gaming with friends

Unwinding after a long week

This list goes on. You can even save playlists as well. This by far is my fav music app since I don't use Songify and need something fresh from Pandora. Download this free app today!!!


2. Final Fantasy  [$15.99.........Not a Typo]

Put down the pitchforks people. Lets examine the situation here. We have not only a port of an excellent Final Fantasy 3 game. We have updated HD graphics and story sequences made just for ANdroid. This game is an exclusive port made directly by Square Enix. The graphics are on par with Crystal Defenders for the Nintendo Wii. It's a great game to play on any tablet. I am currently playing it for the Galaxy Nexus. I'm sure the Galaxy note is the perfect device in terms of size. If you are a big fan of RPG games and have been longing for a great experience with a stellar storyline and excellent gameplay. This is well worth you $15.99. Sure the price  may scare away anybody, but stack this up against any three paid apps that equal 15.99 and i am positive FF3 will still have the odds in its favor. True Console experience on an Android device. We need more games like this. Support big name developers and who knows what we will see in Google play. I mean its number 3 in the Play Store now with a 4 and half star rating for a reason people. This thing is living up to the hype Download it !!


3. Prize Claw [FREE]

I have been sitting on this game for weeks. Just coming back to it every so often. You all played Claw crane games at your local Walmart or department store. Always grasping certain stuffed bears or animals, having it lift up and eventually fall right before it can drop. This is in my opinion a game of redemption for all those failed attempts and lost dollar bills.

Your basically are controlling a crane to collect certain items. There are over 60 prizes to collect. There are missions and certain types of machines they give you certain powers and uniqueness. It's a fun game with a lot  to unlock and keep us busy for a while. download this and see what you can collect.