Google Play Weekly Downloads [Jan 25 2013]

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1. Little Things Forever   [FREE]

If you love the old classic "find these objects" games and "Where's Waldo" you will very much enjoy Little Things Forever. This game is a really well made up game with cute graphics and fun game-play. The game board is a giant star comprised up of numerous items and animals. You start out on one animal that transforms into a series of items. In the items you are given a list of things to find. It's a very challenging game because certain objects are color coded based on the image. Each completion of a stage merits you a puzzle piece. Put together a puzzle piece and you then can get another object/animal to unlock. It's very cleverly well done and hours of fun. Download this today! [youtube]


2. What's The Word 4 Pics [FREE]

Another good puzzle game that is finally available for Android in Google Play is "What's the Word 4 Pics". Very simple game-play make this a pick up for any time of the day. You are given a grid with 4 pictures. You then must solve the word by using the chosen letters underneath it. All 4 pictures relate to the word to help you solve it. This is a great game with many funny different words. Download this today!