Google Play Weekly Downloads [Jan 17 2013]

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1. Ibotta   [FREE]

If you love shopping and you love saving money, then Ibotta is for you. The idea behind this app is that you earn money for purchasing sponsored items available in their app catalog. You can earn different amounts based on what you buy. One Tropicana Orange purchase can merit you 25 cents. You can even earn money for looking for recipes, watching tutorial videos, and even taking a quick poll. Receiving your money requires you to scan your items with your camera and taking a picture with your receipt.  This verifies your purchases. You than can  have your earned money transferred to your Paypal account or even donate it to a local charity or United Way. Great app to give back to yourself or for a great cause. Download this today!



2. Data Sync [FREE] [$2.69]

In the pipelines this week has been a data sync manager in its beta stages that I gave a download. I didn't like how it was implemented so I went in Google Play and thought that there had to be some app that did the same or similar. I wanted a Titanium BackUp type app that could sync between devices. I want to unlock all levels of Angry Birds Space on my HTC Droid DNA, then be able to pick up my Nexus 7 and start where I left off. Data Sync was the answer to my prayers and brought a lot more.


Data Sync enables you to back up your data for every single one of your apps. Once you Que what you want to backup, it can be transferred to your SD card, Box account, Dropbox account, or even another device with DataSync on the same local Wireless network. It worked seamlessly for me and I loved how fast and efficient it was. The DataSync + can do a bevy of others things like set up auto sync schedules and even sync once you close a game. One feature although in its  beta stage is that it can sync also through NFC...very cool. This is a great Back up and I will be definitely using this in the future. download this today!

[app]com.quintstoffers.DataSync[/app] [app]com.quintstoffers.DataSync.key[/app]

3. Lep's World 2 [FREE]

Super Mario Bros clones are aplenty in the Play Store. Lep's World definitely takes the crown as the best one out. Lep's World 1 and Lep's World 2 are both fun and very entertaining. Platform done right and there is plenty to love about this. The sprite happy graphics are bright and are vibrant and not too overdone. The mechanics are very simple with left right arrows keys to move Lep and a dedicated jump button. There is also an acorn button to throw acorns at enemies as well. Though Lep's world 2 may look similar to its original but the music is different and it also adds the element of swimming stages. Download this game today and hopefully it brings you back to the Super Mario days as it did I.