Google Play Weekly Downloads [Jan 10 2013]

First Post of 2013. Looking  forward to bring you guys great apps to download and Enjoy again For Droid-Den.

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1. Pixr Express   [FREE]

From the makers of SketchBook Pro comes this very unique and intuitive picture editor. You can tweak and customize picture to your liking with ease. you can choose from  600 effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image. The idea behind the title "Express" is fast customization and that's what this app brings you. You have simple bottom navigation that open up other effects or overlays with ease. Its almost like opening folders in a desktop. It is very seamless and definitely is on par with the like of other giant photo applications like Snapseed.

Give this one a download and see how fast you can create great photos.



2. Pudding Monsters  [FREE] [.99]

Cut the Rope has really taken me away from school work in the past. The makers of that same game really know how to keep that relevant in all their games because Pudding Monsters is just that type of game. What made Cut Rope so popular was its quick game-play of intuitive levels and very unique style of play. Pudding Monsters takes that concept and delivers what i believe is a little bit more.

The graphics in Pudding Monsters are very good also. Its almost is good as Jelly Defense another great game with great graphics. The object of the game is to combine all pudding monsters together on a table like platform with them sliding off. You must combine them as your last move. The puzzle element is also more difficult when you have to collect 3 stars as well. So each move must be strategic. Your monsters shape will adjust based on where you slide into them. Think Tetris meets Cut the Rope. Its a great game and sure to keep people busy for hours. there is a HD game for .99 cents and also a free version with ads.

[app][/app] [app][/app]


3. Banderitas Negras [.99] [FREE]

I love Icons. I love changing them constantly. My buddy NeffStar has developed some pretty interesting and unique sets of icons. One notable one that he just released is called Banderitas. This obviously translates to "Flags". These unique and very detailed "banderitas" are available in a variety of colors like orange, white, red, green, and black.

The black ones which are my favorite are .99 cents and i highly recommend getting this set as well as the free ones. They also come with there very own set of unique Wallpapers that were down by Neffstar as well. You must have a launcher that supports "icon sets" for you to apply these. Download them all and support developers who always give to the Android Community. Check out his other wallpaper apps and icons HERE in the Play Store.

[app]las.banderitas.verdes[/app] [app]las.banderitas.rojas[/app] [app]las.banderitas.blancas[/app] [app]las.banderitas.naranjadas[/app] [app]las.banderitas.negras[/app]