Google Play Weekly Downloads [Feb 3 2013]

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1. HomeFlip   [FREE]

Browsing around the PlayStore,  came across this really simple and intuitive app that really made multitasking a breeze. Basically Homeflip keeps track of your recent apps that you are using. Once you press your home button a series of side tabs fly across the screen. You can then press one to switch to your most recent apps. Although many phones now have a dedicated "recents" button, I found Homeflip to be faster at switching between apps. Pressing the home button once more will take you to your dedicated launcher to fall back on. You can also have favorites that can also be on display. There are  themes to compliment as well as fonts. Developers can even take part and submit themes by using the online template at . This is a great compliment to any phone and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Download it today!



2. Avocado [FREE]

Best Social Apps of 2012 by The Next Web, this app made by a married developers is a cute and very creative way to stay in touch with one special person. This app is a dedicated personal Messenger that is not used by your text inbox . You use the app to do numerous things between you and your other half and keep it private. You sign up and then your ready to be secretive with your loved one. Here is a quick rundown of all the features taken from its Play Store listing .

  • Fast, private and beautiful messaging
  • Photo capability and shared media gallery
  • Shared lists for everything from weekly groceries to new date ideas
  • Advanced data encryption and security features
  • Customizable Quicknotes for repeated use
  • Mobile hugs and kisses that can be sent to your boo, making their day.
  • Share to social photo feature
  • Complete archive of your relationship for walks down memory lane

I have been using this app for a week or so and I enjoy the features that it has. I love the shared idea feature and the grocery list sync is also a great incentive. Sure you can use you text inbox, but having a dedicated app between you and another just feels better and means a bit more. The messenger is also pretty fast and the UI is very nice and knocks any other message app out the park.  Download this today and enjoy it for valentines coming up.