Google Play Weekly Downloads [Feb 13 2013]

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1. Vector   [FREE]

This weeks downloads are pretty much Platform action games. I was browsing the Play Store and found a few that you may enjoy greatly. The first one is a Parkour inspired action game that has had me playing for days.

Vector is a story line driven game that has levels. In short your running away in each level from a person trying to capture you. If he gets close enough, he will shock  you with his shock stick. You dive, slide and jump long distances through buildings, on top, and over other obstacles. This where this game has its "parkour" elements which are the unlockable moves that you do throughout the level. You simply run past an unlocked move and swipe up to perform it. Some are pretty cool and really add more intense chase scenes to the game-play. Swiping is all you need to do to be a Parkour expert. Collect coins to unlock more moves that are required to complete each stage. It gets very challenging after some stages but very fun indeed. Download this game today!
[youtube] [app]com.nekki.vector&feature[/app]

2. Wipeout   [$1.99]

The Wipeout show that is on ABC is full of fun and laughs as people try to run through obstacles high above water. Of course the big draw to the show, is the"Wipeout" that ensues when people fall miserably into the water. The game surprisingly mirrors that love of the show and makes a great gaming experience on the go. Going through each level you swipe down to duck and hold the left screen to run. You tap the right screen to jump and the rest is up to you to make it through the course. There are many different theme inspired courses that you can unlock by getting  top score time. What is amazing about Wipeout is the physics engine that are involved in the game.With each character the hit detection in spot on. If a bar hits your arm slightly, your body will move slightly. If you touch a bar slightly when you jump over it, you will trip and fall on your face. It's a great game and very fun to see the "Wipeouts" you have done. You can even share screenshots of certain wipeouts. Download this today !


3. Grudger   [$3.00]

Another slight Parkour inspired game, Grudger brings cutesy  graphics with excellent plat former game-play powered by "Unity Engine". You get through each Steam punk inspired world trying to find "goods' to deliver to each "customer " at the end of each level. You swipe to control your characters movement like roll, jump, double jump, and tapping. The game has many elements that require  patience and timing and its definitely what made me love it so much so far. There is 30 levels so far and I am sure many more in future updates. download this really exciting plat former today!
[youtube] [app]com.noblemuffins.Grudger[/app]


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