Google Play Weekly Downloads [August 4 2012]

Hey everyone. Been on a short vacation away from home and now I am back to give you guys some great apps and games this week. From this point one pot will be up early Saturday mornings so that they do not conflict with my other projects! Enjoy!

1. Jazz Trump's Journey [Free]

Jazz is a great platformer. I actually just fell upon it in the Play store and gave it a download. It is a great game. The graphics are very cell shaded like and really draw in a 1940 vibe throughout the game. The game mirrors the story of jazz great Louie Armstrong. His quest to form a group, his love affair and battle against injustice in the New Orleans of the early 20th century are the main story for this great platformer.

Gameplay is excellent with on-screen arrow for left and right with the respective jump button. You collect stars and pictures hidden throughout each level to later view. The game is Free but is limited to a couple of levels. You can unlock the whole game on sale now for $.99. All in all download this game for a great story, gameplay, and graphics.
[youtube] [app]com.bulkypix.jazz[/app]

2. Just Wink  Greeting cards  [FREE]

You have all been there. Struggling to find a perfect gift for your friend. You don't want to go all out, but you need something for their special day or maybe to just say Your sorry. Just wink is perfect for those moments. It basically is a digital card sender. You pick the card through numerous categories. You then can customize it , even put your own picture in there, also even sign it yourself using your finger, and send it away. these are all free as well. these are sent via text link, email,or Facebook post. Many are very funny and are sure to bring a laugh or two your way. Download this essential app today.


3.Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies [$6.99] (Sony Devices currently)

I luckily have  a friend next door with a Sony Xperia Android device. I informed him about this game coming out last night and he gave it a buy. This is by far a very immersive and expanded version of Call of Duty Black ops Zombies you will find. It mirrors the consoles added game and expands it with much extra goodies. It has 50 levels of zombie busting action as well as many maps to explore. It utilizes a COD point system as well for unlockable throughout the game. The game is exclusive for 30 days to Sony devices. Download it if ya have a Xperia Device and enjoy its Zombie busting action.
[youtube] [app]com.atv.blackops[/app]