Google Nexus 7 DodoCase Hardcover Review

Generally speaking I have different requirements in a case for my tablets and phones. Phones I always go thin, light and unobtrusive. Tablets however, are a different story. I tend to carry tablets in hand or in a bag, and as such I like to know the tablet is fully protected, whilst also ensuring none of the style of the tablet is lost. This is where the DodoCase comes in!


Look and Feel

The Dodocase is a book style case for the Nexus 7, but it's more than just any old case. All of the DodoCases are actually handmade in a San Francisco bookbindery (a place that binds books). This definitely adds to the general great look of the case. I have the purple version of the case, which simply means the inside of the case is purple  whilst the outer is a dark black leather style. Note that the DodoCase is made to look like leather, but actually feels like it's some sort of think card or thin plastic with the leather look material wrapped around. It looks expensive, but the materials are definitely of the cheaper variety. This isn't as big a negative as you'd expect though, the quality of materials is reflected in the price of the case so it's definitely value for money as far as I'm concerned!


The back of the case has the DodoCase name and logo branded towards the bottom. This is unobtrusive and definitely adds an extra touch of class, rather than the outer case being completely bare. The case I had did have a slight creak when opening and closing the case. I've tried to reach out to others who own this case and it doesn't seem like a common complaint so I may just put this down to an individual issue with my case. However considering the case is handmade, I would have hoped things like this didn't slip through the production process.


The case uses one of the strangest mechanisms to attach the Nexus 7 tablet I've ever seen in a case. Inside the case there are three strips of some kind of adhesive. To attach, you simply align the tablet to the case and push. I was slightly sceptical at first, this adhesive is the ONLY way the tablet is attached to the case and I was a bit worried it may randomly drop off causing my tablet to go crashing to the ground! Well I've never been more wrong in my life! I'm not entirely sure what the base of the adhesive is, but it sticks VERY well. You might even say too well! It’s a bit scary removing the tablet from the case as you nearly expect the base of the tablet to come off, or the case to rip apart. However taking your time and being cautious does allow you to remove it without issue.


As well as being strong, the adhesive is also reusable. If it gets dirty you can just give it a quick wipe and its back to new. The outer case also contains a black strap fixe to the back, that goes around the front. This serves two purposes. Firstly it ensures the case stays shut when not in use, and secondly it adds a bit more to that classy look the case is attempting to portray.

The case also supports the Nexus 7 sleep function. An embedded magnet in the cover wakes or sleeps the phone as you open or close it. This is a great feature and one you won’t realise how useful it is until you use it.

One of the more important features of a tablet case is some way to stand the case up so you can watch a film or video comfortably. The DodoCase sort of meet this requirement. You can flip the case backwards and stand the case up in landscape view easily. However the case will slip doing this, so the makers suggest you rest the back edge of the case on top of the elastic strap. This does work well but feel more like an afterthought than embedded functionality.

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I really like this case, it looks the business, classy and stylish. It’s easy to carry around in your hand and full coverage ensures protection when in a bag. The included wake/sleep feature is a great addition as well. I’d like to feel a bit more expensive as it looks, but for the price you really can't go wrong. I've been using this as my main case for the past few weeks and I’m very happy!

Big thanks to MobileFun for sending the review case over, and stay tuned for more reviews of Nexus 7 cases!