Google Kills Off Slide: Good News For Android

Google has officially killed off Slide, it's $182m acquisition. Apparently most of the team will still stay on at Google to work on other products, but the current applications will be discontinued. This is probably really great news for android, and especially Google's own android applications.

The Slide team were the developers of some really nice and innovative apps such as PoolParty and Disco. As the Slide team have lots of experience with mobile apps, we can reasonably expect them to be working on other mobile (probably android) related apps within Google. And as android owners, that can only be a good thing.

It also shows that Google, under Page, are beginning to identify exactly what things they do well, and integrating these together. They have done similar things recently, with the demise of Buzz for example. New services like Google+ should be one of those that really benefits from the direction Page is taking Google.