Google Creates Music Blog: Gives Away (More) Free Music!

Google have created a music blog to go hand in hand with their Music beta service. The new blog, named Magnifier, will highlight various artists and at the same time give away free tracks for those artists. The great thing is, you can add these straight to your music library in the cloud to begin listening instantly. You can also store these for offline use on your android phone, but currently you cannot download  them to your PC.

I think this is a great idea by Google, and it's already on my Google reader feed (viewable on my tablet of course!) Some snippets about the service are given below, together with an FAQ Google have provided.

By now you've seen all those tempting "Add free music" buttons on the Magnifier homepage and the Free Song Archive. You're probably thinking, "I want free music. But what does pressing this button do?" All of the free music on Magnifier can be accessed through Music Beta, a service from Google that lets you upload your personal music collection to the cloud and listen to it on the web and your Android devices. When you click on "Add free music," you'll be asked to login, and then the selected tracks will appear automatically in your personal music library. A "Listen Now"  button will appear, and it will take you directly to Music Beta where you can see your new tracks at the top of the "Free songs" playlist. Brief FAQ on Free Songs
  • All of the free music available on Magnifier is yours to keep forever in your Music Beta library. You can access it anytime through Music Beta and even save it to your device for offline use. You can't currently export your free songs from Music Beta to a computer, but this feature is on our roadmap.
  • If you have feedback or run into problems adding tracks to Music Beta, feel free to contact us.
  • Use of the free music from Magnifier is subject to the Terms of Service for Music Beta, and becomes a part of your personal collection.

Check out the Magnifier blog here!