GetJar Says 40% of Consumers Will Pick Android

According to a survey carried out by GetJar (the huge mobile app store), 40% of respondents said that their next phone will be an android phone, compared to only 18% who said iPhone.

It seems that the survey only asked people who actually use the GetJar store, and as iPhone games are not available on there it doesn't seem like many (if any) iPhone users were asked, so this could have an affect on the results.. In any case, almost all surveys and research being presented by various firms points to a faster increase in the uptake of android when compared to other mobile operating systems, including ios.

Michael Morgan, senior analyst of mobile devices at ABI Research says "As Android grows in size, it becomes an increasingly important target for developers, I believe in the near future a shift will occur whereby Android will become the primary platform for application development and iOS will become the secondary target"

Very insightful comment there, by the way does anyone know how much these analysts get paid for stating the obvious? I'd like a piece of the action!