GetJar Gold: Get Paid Apps Legally For Free

GetJar has recently announced its GetJar Gold initiative for Android. The basic premise is actually quite similar to the Amazon fre android app of the day, except GetJar offer multiple premium titles for free every day for a week, with the list changing every week!

This offering from GetJar has a number of advantages over the Amazon free app of the day, with the first being that it isn't limited to America, anyone can get these free premium apps from the Gold scheme. It's very straightforward getting the apps too, simply go to GetJar on your phone or on your PC and select the free app you wish to download.

There are a few decent apps this week too, the full list is given below:

What are your thoughts on the Gold scheme? For me, I think it's great, it means more free premium apps and I honestly don't think I can complain about that!