Get Angry Birds Rio Here: Today ONLY

UPDATE: It looks like the game will be an American Exclusive until April at the very least! It also looks like the game will stay free on the amazon store for the near future.

As I am providing this link to enable everyone in the world to obtain what is a FREE game, I will keep the download available while the app is free in the Amazon market. Once it stops being free I will remove the link.

I DO NOT promote piracy of android apps in any form. Android apps and games are cheap enough already, and you should definitely support android developers to help them continue in creating great apps for our devices!

Well, it seems like for now, the Amazon android App Store is only working for Americans, and us non-americans are having trouble getting our hands on the one game we have been waiting for, Angry Birds.

However, just like the original angry birds release on android, Droid-Den comes to the rescue! Take the jump for the download link.

This link will be live TODAY ONLY. After that I will take it down as it becomes a paid app. I'm just helping those you cannot currently access the app for free as promised. So get it now HERE.