Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim Case & Crystal Case Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a Samsung Galaxy SIII cover, the last one being the very beautiful Crumena pouch by the Korean SGP firm. Whilst that case got a very favourable review from me, it’s not really the type of case I would normally use of a day to day basis. The following two cases however, are exactly the type of case I will (and actually have) use every day to protect my very precious SGSIII.

So today we’ll be looking at the Crystal case and the set of two cases you get with the official Samsung Slim case pack.


Look and Feel

Crystal Case

The crystal case is made of a clear plastic material . I’m not sure what type of plastic exactly, but it looks and feels like a stock kind, nothing too special. As it’s plastic, it’s not terribly durable. If you attempt to bend this like you can with the back cover of the S3, it will most probably shatter. However, that's not really a use case for this so don’t worry too much, I’m just trying to give you a feel for the material.

Other than that there isn’t much else to say about the look or feel of it. It’s an unassuming case that won’t vie for any attention, instead it keeps the focus on that £500 device it’s designed to protect, which for a case is exactly what you’d be looking for.

Official Slim Case

The official slim case pack actually comes with two cases, not just one as you’d normally be expecting. I didn’t realise this when the pack arrived so it was a pleasant surprise! The two cases are similar in every manner apart from the design on the back. One has straight line grooves running diagonally down the back where the other has rows of small diamond shapes. Both are actually quite nice and add something extra.


Both cases are extremely flexible, you can pretty much scrunch them up and they’ll return to their original form.


Crystal Case

The case slides on easily, and once on covers the back and two sides of the phone. The top and bottom end are around a quarter covered. The sides of the case overlap the side of the phone only slightly, but enough to ensure the case is a good fit and removing any chance of the case falling off in use. There is a half cutout for the 3.5mm headphone jack on the top. This is barely even required really as the case only just about reaches the port. Likewise on the bottom of the phone with regards to the microUSB port. The back of the case contains one cutout for the camera lens, flash and speaker.


There are also cutouts on both sides so that the power button and volume rocker are not covered. This is great as it means you get full access to both of these buttons. Some cases cover these and that can lead to frustration when turning the phone on or changing the volume, not hear though!

As you’d expect the case has a very slim profile too, it does seem to add a bit of extra weight to the phone as well which is strange as the case by itself is very light. I’ll put this down to a trick of the mind. It’s also quite smooth on the back, which could be a negative if you find the caseless SGSIII slippy already. This case is comparable to the phone in slippy-ness terms.

Official Slim Case

The official case fits like a glove. You can immediately tell after applying the case to the phone that both were made by the same manufacturer, I’m not sure they could have gotten the dimensions any more perfect. As the case fits extremely well, the flexibility of it becomes a great advantage. You can flex the case about in any way you wish which means application is as easy as you’re ever likely to find with a phone case.

The case covers the whole back of the phone and all sides. It reaches over ever so slightly as well just to ensure that snug fit.There are the usual cut outs for the 3.5mm headphone jack, the top speaker, power button, volume rocker, microUSB port and bottom mic. I love cases that allow me to use these buttons without restriction, a great positive for this case.


This is one of the thinnest and lightest cases I have ever used on any phone, period. If you have read any of my previous reviews, you’ll know that these are the types of things that really appeal to me in a phone case. Its hard to actually realise the phone has a case on, the only giveaway is the textured grooves on the back of the case. They add style and (what I think might be the real reason for the textured back) grip. If you have ever used the S3, grip may be an issue. Well these two cases go some way to removing that as a disadvantage.

[nggallery id=55]


If you are looking for a thin and low profile case for your phone, you can’t go much wrong with either of these choices. If you’re looking for something to add a lot of protection to your phone, and don’t mind additional bulk then you’ll probably be better off looking elsewhere. Both cases offer great protection from scratches however, and a basic protectino if you do ever drop your phone (as I have done a few times whilst using these cases!).

My personal preference is for the official Samsung slim cases. The slim profile really appeals to me, it allows me to add basic protection from scratches to my phone, whilst allowing the beauty of the phone itself to shine through. The textured back also helps with grip as well as style. The fact that you get two cases in the same package is fantastic as well. The cost of this set of cases is, relatively speaking, quite cheap as a result. It’s also my personal choice (the diagonal grooved version) of case that I use on my SGSIII every day!

Big thanks to MobileFun for providing the cases used in this review, and stay tuned for more reviews of Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories coming soon!