Game Review: Pyxidis

As most of you know, I love my android gaming. There are tons and tons of great games out there on android, but sometimes it can be difficult to track them down, meaning some of the greats just slip on by. Well Pyxidis, the newest game from Hyperbees and GyLgames is one you should at the very least check out.

Pyxidis is a puzzle game based around the theme of magic. You act as a Wizard who's goal it is to create chains of connected starts in the sky. The buckets at the bottom of the screen show you how many more certain colours of stars you need to connect to complete the level. The longer the chain of stars, the higher your score and the greater chance of opening up some new spells. Spells can also be bought from the store using virtual money you gain from playing through the game, used in gameplay to to things like extend your time limit, change the colour of stars, or automatically connect to stars. There are lots of different ones in the game for you to try out!

There are 3 different game modes Adventure, Challenge and Endless. Adventure mode includes a huge amount of levels, and lets you use spells to help in reaching your objective, and boy will you need their help in some of the later levels! Challenge is more of an arcade type of gameplay. You don't have to connect the stars by dragging your finger, rather you just tap on the stars and it makes the connections automatically. Sounds easy, but the action is a lot more frantic to make up for it! You have to open up the third mode, Endless using collected starts and money. I haven't had a chance to play this mode yet, but it's like the name says, so something for those of you with more stamina.

The games music is very enjoyable, the only thing I would have liked is some variety. It does get slightly tedious being the only music (so far that I've found) in the game. One thing to mention is this game includes open feint support, which always gets a thumbs up from me. There are some good achievements to unlock, and some not so good (the "play this game for 2 hours" achievement being one!).

Overall I am very impressed with this game. The level of detail is extremely high in terms of both the gameplay and the visuals, which I have to make a point of saying look fantastic on my 7" Galaxy Tab. Have I mentioned the price of this game yet? It's actually a free game (although it is ad-supported), which when you look at the quality compared to some games that actually request your money, is quite astounding. And as this game is free, you really have no reason not to try it out for yourself! This one goes on my recommended list for sure.

Check out the details below if you fancy giving the game a shot:

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