Eurosport Player App - Free trial for Galaxy S III owners (uk)

There is a 'new' app in the market, just in time for the Olympics called EuroSport Player.  It is as it sounds the "player" app for the tv channel Eurosport.

Like other popular services including BBC iplayer and Sky Go it can show live streams of channels with some on-demand content.



The App

This service is usually £4.99 a month however they are offering a FREE trial for all Samsung Galaxy S III owners, the free trial should cover the length of the Olympics to enable you to watch a lot of content on the move.


From my experience the app worked very well, was very easy to use and has some great UI features, however, if you look at the market comments (which should always be taken with a pinch of salt) there are a few unhappy customers, namely those that already pay £2.99 a month to use the same service on a PC.

Video Tour


Android App Tour - Eurosport Player - Free Trial for Samsung Galaxy S III owners