Dockboss+ comes to the Android rescue

OK a familiar story, your in the market for a new speaker system for the bedroom.  There's a great choice out there, all different shapes, colours and sizes.  However there's usually the small problem of connectivity.  Welcome Dockboss+ Smart USB

This nifty little item allows you to plug your Android (or other non Apple Phone) into any accessory that uses the apple dock connector.  This is a really great idea that opens up your device to so much choice.  The Smart USB cable also allows for charging of the phone as well, coming with a connection that includes a 3.5mm headphone jack along with micro USB which then plugs in to the dock connector on the Stereo.

The possibility's are even great than I first thought.  Got an iPod connector in the car?  Dockboss+ will work.  This truly is  a really great addition to an Android owners survival kit.  I for one will hitting up the guys and picking one up very soon.