Do We Really Want Google Experience Phones?

Since the dawn of time (or at least, since the time that stock android releases began to look decent), we have wished for manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung to release their phones with the stock android, and without the horrible Sense and Touchwiz overlays they seem intent on pushing down our throats.

With the announcement of the Nexus Experience/Google Edition versions of the HTC one and Samsung Galaxy S4, we should all be happy now right?


Well, personally I don't think this is what we really wanted at all, although it is closer than what we are used to. A few issues I have:

  1. An easy one, for everyone who doesn't live in America.. Nothing has actually changed for us (yet).

  2. The phones were designed for their respective customised interfaces/software. For example the button layout on the HTC One doesn't support legacy menu buttons like the true Nexus devices do.

We can also look at the Beats audio feature as well. HTC allow you to disable/enable beats audio on the One with Sense. But as far as I know, you're stuck with it being enabled if you go the GE route. Stock android doesn't support control of this feature.

One more while I'm at it (both phones this time). You won't be able to control that annoying TV whilst you're sat in the car garage waiting for them to try and rip you off your car to be fixed.

  1. It seems like you'll only be able to get these phones via the Play Store. That automatically rules out those of us who can't afford to purchase them outright, and either prefer, or require contracts to get these phones.

What we really want is for these manufacturers to build their phones, and their extra (and often really cool) features into the stock android experience.

Do away with the ugly custom interface (honestly Samsung, please listen to me) and add features on top of the beautiful default android skin. Even better, disassociate those features from the platform so we can still get our updates as promptly as possible.


Personally, I won't be considering purchasing one of the current GE phones at all. I lose more than I gain. I love the extra features that HTC and Samsung offer in their phones. If I didn't wan them, I'd rather pick up a Nexus device that was built specifically for stock android, not to mention is way cheaper.

It is a step in the right direction though, and we're closer than we were a year ago for sure. Hopefully the trend sticks and we get to where we all want to be.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this too. Do you agree with what I said? Or are you, or have already, purchased one of these devices? If so, why?