[Competition] Win One of Five 1-Year Todoist Premium Licenses!

Everyone needs a todo app, it’s a fact of life. Don’t be one of those people writing out tasks on your A5 notebook either, there are much more efficient ways of managing your work! For example, keeping your tasks synced to the cloud, accessibility from any device. These are the benefits of living in he 21st century, so make use of them! :P

There are no shortage of options to Todo apps, believe me, I’ve tried most of them.. A few of the key things I personally look for are:

  • A clean and simple desktop UI.
    • The tasks should be the priority, everything else is a distraction.

  • A good android app, that means respecting those holo guidelines.
  • Inbox and project views.

    • including the ability to have sub-projects/tasks.

  • Priorities and due dates.

    • Important, especially if you make use of it for work items (I do).

I’d first heard of Todoist when they released their first android app a good few months ago. If you know me, then you know I tend to install virtually every android app that gets released! And this was no different.I was slightly disappointed with the app, it just wasn't very “android”. Luckily, the Todoist guys started from scratch and recently re-released a brand new android app. This time I was very impressed, so much so that I’ve already moved over all my task-related items to it, and make use of the android app as well as the chrome extension and chrome app too (both also very well made).

The Competition Details

The guys over at Todoist have kindly provided me with 5 1-year long licenses for the premium version of the service (RRP $29 USD) for me to give away, so if you want to be in with a chance then the competition details are below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway