Case Logic Compact Camera Kit Bag Review

I recently moved from a Canon compact camera to a Sony Nex-5N. If you’ve ever moved from a compact to a much better camera you’ll know the joy I felt when I took my first photo, the difference is immense, especially in less than ideal conditions. The Nex-5N is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, think the step before a DSLR (the one’s the pro’s use), and you’ll get the idea. Mirrorless camera’s are great as they get near-DSLR quality but without the bulk, they look like a large compact with a big lens attached (and if you like taking photo’s, I highly suggest the investment!).

With a more expensive camera, camera bags are an absolute necessity. Due to the size of the lens, this thing won’t fit in your pocket, and you wouldn't just shove it in your backpack either, a dedicated case is definitely required. The guys over at LoveCases sent me the Case Logic Compact Systems Camera Medium Kit Camera Bag to take a look at.



The case is very smart and sensible. I have the black version in front of me and although made of fabric, contains some nice elements to give it a sense of classiness, for example the light touches of orange (a favourite colour of mine). The small logo on the front of the case is just the right size, and doesn’t take away from the rest of the case. The case is box-shaped, and manages to keep its shape due to the inner structure and inclusion of a waterpoof hard back panel, made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (or EVA as you may have seen it written), a type of polymer comparable to rubber.


The top of the case contains a small grab handle you can use to carry the case in your hand, or when packing your camera, whilst the sides contain grips for the included shoulder strap to attach to. The strap is made of black fabric, similar to the case itself. There are two main zips into separate compartments within the case. The front compartment contains a divider and is where you would place your camera (and any additional lens), with the rear and smaller compartments used for smaller items such as spare batteries or additional memory cards. The inside of the case is lined with memory foam to add extra protection to your device if you accidentally drop the bag.



The bag is the perfect size to hold the Sony Nex-5N and 18-55mm lens, both attached or detached. There isn’t much room for another large zoom lens, however the wide-angle lens should fit snugly inside as well. The camera and charger all fit inside without issue, which is helpful if you’ll be taking this with you on a short break.


The front panel, used to hold the camera, pops out when unzipped. This is a nice feature and shows that Case Logic thought about how this bag will actually be used when designing it. It means that the camera is easily accessible saving you from fumbling around awkwardly when you need to take that perfect shot before the time passes.


This section also contains an adjustable pad you can move to accommodate different types and sizes of camera With regards to the Nex-5N, I pushed this divided to the very end which made for a very snug and secure fit, helping me feel satisfied that the camera won’t budge in transit, and therefore won’t come to any accidental damage.


The bag is slightly larger than I think it could be, but if you have a number of accessories you like to carry along with your camera (for example a smaller lens), then the extra room will be very welcome. The design is sophisticated and looks classy, and the rear EVA panel offers extra security from droppage as well as the weather. All in all a very good choice for your next camera bag.