Brief Thoughts On Google Nexus 4 Pricing

A lot of people have a lot of thoughts about the price of the new Nexus 4 from Google, what this means for consumers, what this means for manufacturers. I though I'd chip in with my own thoughts to get this topic open for discussion! Feel free to let me know if you agree with me, or thing I'm talking a load of old b11ck$ below!

I don't think any other manufacturers will actually care about this, it won't make them push down their prices, and it won't lead to quality issues as manufactures won't have to push down prices, and even if they did, I wouldn't expect their quality control to be reduced.

You can only get the cheap Nexus 4 price through the Play store. This means two things. Firstly, it limits the potential customer base massively, as in those people who simply are not allowed to order from the Play store for devices at all. And secondly how many people actually know that they can buy this thing from the Play store. Go and speak to 5 people closest to you now, I'm guessing most haven't even heard of the Nexus 4, never mind know that you can buy phones directly from Google.

With ALL high street stores and networks selling this phone on contracts usually reserved for £500 phones, you're average high street consumer won't know any difference either.

There is really little need for most manufacturers to even try to attempt to match the price of the Nexus 4 just yet.