Beautiful Galaxy Gear Clockface [Guide]

If you follow me on Twitter or Google+, you'll know I have a Samsung Galaxy Gear... aka the best smartwatch your money can buy right now (whether it's the best 'value for money' is an entirely different matter however).

One of the best things about the Galaxy Gear is the beautiful screen. It lets you make your watch as beautiful as it can be, and not be at all limited by the screen technology that some other watches may have selected..

There is a really active community growing on xda around the Gear too. It's now extremely simple to root, and even easier to add some features Samsung left out such as internet access (to download apps from the Play Store for example) or to simply say the words "google what is the capital of England" to the Gear and it reply "London". Like I said, it's pretty smart :P

So back to the screen, there is an app on the Samsung Gear store (side note: booo Samsung, please stop pushing your own stores and embrace Google Play) called WatchStyler which lets you add custom clockfaces to the Gear. Now if you're a creative designer you can create your own designs, or if you're more like me there are plenty of great designs out there you can pick from instead.

My favourite right now is an Ingersoll Bison inspired design from OpenMind_NL that's extremely well done. Not only does the watch have a real-time moving seconds hand, it also has makes use of smaller dials to add functionality such as the current battery level and day/date.

To install the clockface, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure you install the WatchStyler app via your Gear Manager.
  2. In WatchStyler create a random new theme with the desired name.
  3. Select all default options until you can click save.
  4. Close WatchStyler.
  5. Navigate to Phone\Android\data\com.omnitel.appcessory.gear.wat chstyler.manager\theme\<your-theme-name>
  6. Remove all the files and replace them with the contents of this file.
  7. Open the Gear Manager and select the new theme!