Avantalk Jogger Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review

I'm a fairly active guy generally, and enjoy running and going to the gym. I also love listening to music, however I find wired headphones and exercise just don’t mix. I always seem to catch the cable of my earphones with my arm and thus the earphones go flying off in any old direction. This is where bluetooth earphones come in. The wireless nature leads them into the domain of sports and exercise, and particularly running. I managed to get a hold of the Jogger bluetooth headphones from MobileFun. To see how these fair take the jump!


Look and Feel

The circular earphones are a matte black colour, with grey feature buttons on the outside and a nice orange trim around each headphone. They look quite nice, and certainly look more expensive than their more budget price point suggests. They do feel “plasticy” though, which you may expect from a relatively cheaper product. However, they are also extremely light which is great, considering the fact these are bluetooth earphones which must house its own components, including battery.


The two circular headphones are connected by a rounded band that curls up when not in use. This means the earphones are very easy to transport as they curl up into a smaller package. It also means they stick tightly to your head when in use. The box comes with a small carry bag and charging cable too. The charging cable is a small circular port, meaning you’ll have to use the included charger rather than your phones microUSB cable.


The earphones are rated for bluetooth 2.1 EDR, which helps with the sound and also when pairing. I personally found the initial pairing to be quick and painless, as was the story with subsequent connections between the Jogger and my Note II. One of the biggest complaints I have with earphones and exercise, is how easy it is for them to come out. It’s extremely annoying, especially if you’re mid run. The Jogger headphones passed this test with flying colours, they fit well, and didn’t move an inch during my test runs. I was really impressed with this.


The quality of music was a different story however. As with all bluetooth headphones, the biggest issue we see is the quality of the music they play. It was easy to identify these as bluetooth headphones. Not to say the sound quality was bad, but you won’t be wanting to use these to replace your wired earphones for day to day usage. The volume of music should satisfy most.

The guys at Avantalk however, know who these earphones are designed for, and designed them around the needs of that type of person. For example, the earphones are waterproof, which means they won’t fizzle up and die when you drench them with your sweat after a hard workout. They also support AVRCP which means you can use the included buttons to do things such as answer or reject calls, voice dial, change music volume and skip tracks. All very helpful if you’re in the middle of an exercise or run.


The battery is also very impressive, especially taking into account how light these are, boasting around 8 hours music time. In my experience I found that to be mostly accurate too.


The main reason these earphones caught my attention was because they looked like they were designed for those times when you’re active and want to consume music. On this, they certainly didn't disappoint. There was no sign of them ever falling off whilst I was out running. However, the sound quality leaves something to be desired. But for the price, I’d definitely recommend these if you do a lot of exercise. I was very willing to give up on a certain level of sound quality in order to get the comfort and security that they will never drop out, especially when we also take price into consideration!