Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread Update Coming Soon?

Well this is great news for everyone owning a Samsung Galaxy S (and there are a lot of you!). Samsung have just posted on their facebook page that an update to their fantastically awful Kies desktop software is available. Now that in itself might not be enough to excite you,

New Sprint HTC Evo 3D Advert

Sprint have a released an ad showcasing their new HTC Evo 3D phone that was announced yesterday at CTIA. One of the main features of this phone is of course the 3D aspect, but it also has some very powerful specs, including a dual core 1.2GHz CPU. Not too

Guerilla Bob Update Adds Shooting Thumb Stick

Guerilla Bob for android got a very cool update today, the addition of a second thumb stick to control shooting direction. Ok, well it seems like a small thing but it makes a massive difference to the gameplay. I've mentioned this android game before, but if you don't know about

GetJar Says 40% of Consumers Will Pick Android

According to a survey carried out by GetJar (the huge mobile app store), 40% of respondents said that their next phone will be an android phone, compared to only 18% who said iPhone. It seems that the survey only asked people who actually use the GetJar store, and as iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Breakdown and Video

Ukraine website gagadget has got their hands on a production Samsung Galaxy S II, one of the more exciting android phones to be released this year. A quick 4  minute walkthrough video is shown after the jump, but remember this is not a final device with final software, so

HTC Flyer Coming Spring As Best Buy Exclusive

The WiFi only HTC flyer tablet is going to be released exclusively at Best Buy in the United States this Spring. The tablet is basically the same as the HTC Evo View 4G (mouthful) announced by Sprint today, but the Best Buy version should get to market first. No actual