Samsung Did Not Wilfully Infringe Apple "Patents"...

Ok, so the latest rulings for the Samsung vs Apple case are in. The main points to take from it are as follows: No retrial No further money for Apple. So now that's out of the way, lets jump to one of the things that the judge used to make

Google Play Weekly Downloads [Jan 25 2013]

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Google + 1. Little Things Forever   [FREE] If you love the old classic "find these objects" games and "Where's Waldo" you will very much enjoy Little Things Forever. This game is a really well made up game with cute graphics and funÂ

IAP and Why It Sucks For You and Me.

IAP, or In App Purchasing is the practice of selling items within a game, think things like the ability to purchase more game gold to buy resources, or new and more powerful weaponry. IAP isn't new either, it's been around for a long time, its been the basis for whole

Google Play Weekly Downloads [Jan 17 2013]

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Google + 1. Ibotta   [FREE] If you love shopping and you love saving money, then Ibotta is for you. The idea behind this app is that you earn money for purchasing sponsored items available in their app catalog. You can earn different

My Search For the Holy Grail of Android Devices

Those who know me in real life and in the digital world know that I change my mobile phone on more than a regular basis. In fact in 2012 I change phones 15 times!! I had everything from HTC One X, SGS3, Note 2 and anything in between. Now some

Google Play Weekly Downloads [Jan 10 2013]

First Post of 2013. Looking  forward to bring you guys great apps to download and Enjoy again For Droid-Den. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Google + as well 1. Pixr Express   [FREE] From the makers of SketchBook Pro comes this very unique and intuitive picture editor.