Nook Color Most Popular Tablet In North America?

What is the most popular tablet in the USA? iPad? Possibly.. Barnes & Noble Nook Color? Maybe! B&N have reportedly shipped 3 million of these tablets since it launched in Autumn last year, with 1 million shipped in the last few weeks of the year. Demand was high

Android App: Quickoffice Pro HD

This updated app looks absolutely fantastic. If you ever wondered if an android tablet was good enough to replace your notebook, wonder no more! It has extensive MS Office suite editing and creation facilities, and looks damn nice at the same time. One catch, it's available for honeycomb only and

How To Get A Working Amazon Appstore For Android If You ARE NOT American

This will allow non-Americans to download FREE apps from the Amazon App store. It won't work for paid apps because you will be using a fake credit card number. However, it WILL WORK for those daily free premium apps, which is one of the major reasons you'd want to use

Android App: Perfect Task Switcher

There are surprisingly quite a few apps available in the android market that provide a visually attractive app switching experience, however not all of them do it that well. One of the better ones out there is called Perfect Task Switcher (at least they sound confident right!). Perfect Task Switcher

How To Run Opera Mobile In Full Desktop Mode

Opera Mobile 11 is the latest android browser release from Opera. Its quite possibly the smoothest browser at scrolling through webpages on an android phone due to the tech Opera implements. One of the negative points is there is seemingly no way to change the user agent to something other

Top Android News of The Week: 21-27 March Edition

A look back on the top 10 android news articles of the past week! Amazon Appstore Launched (USA Only) Apple Sues Amazon Over Appstore Name (Apple suing? Who would have though..) How An Android Should Dance (Over 1 million youtube views and counting!) Angry Birds Rio Released (And Free too)