Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Funky Gesture Controls

The Samsung Galaxy S II makes fantastic use of its gyroscope, by holding two fingers to the screen when viewing a webpage, moving the phone back and forwards actually zooms in and out! A nice complement to the more traditional pinch zoom there! The video also shows you being able

Sony Ericsson Will Ship Future Androids With Unlockable Bootloader

Sony Ericsson show just how focused upon android they are with the news that they will ship their new Xperia line of android phones with an easily unlockable bootloader. This follows the news last week that the X10 will be updated to android, and shows a significant change in their

Amazon Launches Cloud Music Service For android!

Amazon have followed up their last weeks release of Android Appstore with a new service... Amazon cloud Player! Well this is once again huge android related news from Amazon, something I'm sure will not sit well with Google (they are currently struggling to create their own version of this type

Game Review: Pyxidis

As most of you know, I love my android gaming. There are tons and tons of great games out there on android, but sometimes it can be difficult to track them down, meaning some of the greats just slip on by. Well Pyxidis, the newest game from Hyperbees and GyLgames

Sprint Oppose AT&T/T-Mobile Deal (Duh)

I think we were all surprised by the news that AT&T were to purchase T-Mobile. There had been rumours that Sprint were about to complete the deal for a while, but the AT&T news did really come out of nowhere. The deal isn't set in stone

Interesting Mobile Internet Infographic

Everyone loves a cool infographic right? Microsoft tag brings us this infographic about the world of the mobile phone. Some key points after the jump as well as the full (and huge) infographic itself. As ever take these with a pinch of salt, but it's interesting nontheless. There are 4