Amazon Free Premium App: Fruit Ninja

Todays free Amazon Appstore premium app is popular slicer game Fruit Ninja. Very fun game with openfeint score and achievement integration. I'd recommend giving the game a go, and let me know if you manage to beat my arcade high score of 728! Get the game from the Amazon Appstore

Angry Birds Rio LIVE on the Android Market NOW!

Angry Birds Rio now on the android market! Ad-supported free version. Need more be said? :D Go go go! Market Link

MobiWire Brings New UI Replacement To Android

MobiWire have launched a new launcher replacement/user interface for android phones named Surface UX. One of the key features of Surface UX is its aggregation and presentation of content to the user homescreen. They also introduce some patented "super widgets" that can be used by networks wishing to use

Advent Vega Android Tablet Now Only £199!

The Advent Vega android tablet is now available for £199 at Dixons/PC World/Currys. This is an awesome price for what is a decent 10" tablet, and is a much better tablet than the Viewsonic Viewpad I posted yesterday, and much cheaper! If you want an android tablet

HTC Thunderbolt Overclocked To An Incredible 1.8GHz

Wow.! The 1GHz CPU inside the HTC Thunderbolt has been overclocked to a massive 1.8GHz!! Developer Derek Rodriguez has created a kernel (not publicly available at this time) that sends the phone into hyperspeed and shows what is an incredible Quadrant score. 1.8GHz is nearly double the normal

Motorola Xoom Hitting UK Next Week

Motorola have confirmed that the Xoom android tablet will be hitting our shores next week. It will be the first honeycomb tablet available in the UK, and will be for a while to come. The WiFi version of the Xoom will be available at PC World/Currys/Dixons for an