Samsung Galaxy S Plus Android Phone Available On Vodafone

The Samsung Galaxy S Plus android phone is now available for purchase from Vodafone for free on a £31 per month contract. The Galaxy S Plus is essentially a Galaxy S phone with an updated CPU. The shell is literally the same as its predecessor. I'm not sure who

Samsung vs Apple: Dutch Edition

Remember our article about the German court that blocked the import of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's into Europe? Well a side note from that story was it would apply to the UR, except in Holland. Today the initial proceedings in Holland over the matter finished, with Apple apparently suggesting

Arthritis Care Need You To Test New Android Accessibility App

Arthritis Care are developing an android app for people with arthritis. Little details are known about what the app will actually do, but it will be aimed towards people who have difficulty holding and tapping the screen, as well as those people who limit the use of their android phone

Android App Review: Facebook Messenger

Currently the most popular social network on the internet, Facebook, has just released a new android app specifically for its new Facebook Messages system. Facebook Messenger is a separate app from the official Facebook Android app, and so must be downloaded independently. I'm not sure why it wasn't added into

HTC Announce 'Major' Deal With Beats Electronics

The "major" deal HTC CEO Peter Chou was set to announce today has been announced early. HTC is investing around $300 million into Beats Electronics, and as part of this deal HTC will have exclusive rights to implementing Beats Audio into their future phones. HTC have not specified what phones,

Samsung Respond To German Court Ruling On Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sale

We reported earlier today that a German court had blocked the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the EU until a patent claim is heard. There has been lots of confusion about just what exactly this ruling consists of, well today Samsung came out with their own