Xperia Play Gets Fifa 12 Exclusive

Fifa 12 for android will be available exclusively on the Sony Ericsson Xperia play until February 21, 2012. This is great news for those (few) of us that have the phone, but bad news for everyone else I think. No one else will be able to play the game officially,

The Telegraph Official Fantasy Football Android App Released

We have already told you about The Suns new official fantasy football app for android. Well now it seems The Telegraph have seen the light, as they release their new fantasy football app to the market. It's got some decent comments so far, and from the screenshots it looks like

Xiaomi M1 Android Phone with MIUI: Could Be Great!

Xiaomi have today announced their new M1 phone running the fantastic MIUI android OS. You should all recognise MIUI as a fantastic and beautiful ROM that has been ported over to many android phones. The phone itself might look sort of similar to other phones on the market, but it's

Minecraft Pocket Edition For Android Out Now!

Mojang have released Minecraft Pocket Edition to the android market. Now personally I have never played this game, but from what I understand, it's a fantastic way to lose a lot of your free time! Mojang comment on the first release of the game with: The first version (Alpha 0.

Google Acquires The Android.Me Domain

This is some more interesting news from Google. They have recently acquired the domain This purchase might hint at some sort of central hub for managing your android account and android devices. Some say that there would be no pint as Google already own the domain.

Samsung Hires CyanogenMod Founder!

Steve Kondik, the founder and lead developer of CyanogenMod yesterday added “Samsung mobile” to the employment section of his Facebook profile. He will be joining Samsung as a Software Developer, and promises to "make android more awesome". This is pretty cool news, and great news for both Samsung themselves