Team TouchDroid Bring MultiTouch To TouchPad Port

One of the main reasons HP sold so many TouchPads in their fire sale was due to the possibility of being able to bring android to the tablet (this is also the reason I currently own a TouchPad too). Team TouchDroid have been working extremely hard on porting android

Wunderlist Android App Updated: Potential Realised!

Wunderlist have just updated their android app. The original offering was quite poor to say the least. Although it looked really nice, it suffered from load times and lots of lag. Part of the reason, well in fact the whole reason for this was the development engine the developers used

Samsung Galaxy W Coming To O2 This Month [September]

The "new stylish Galaxy W" is coming to O2 in the UK this month. Although no specific date is given expect it to hit sometime towards the end of the month. Again no price was specified but you should expect to pay at least £350, and probably a bit

Samsung Galaxy Note Available To Pre-Order

Clove have just listed the new Samsung device, the Galaxy Note, up for pre-order on its website. They pre-order price is listed at £600, although it does say the official price is still TBA, so this simply looks like a "best guess" from the guys over at Clove. Having

Korean KT Announce Spider Phone: It's Hella Cool

Large Korean telecommunications company KT quietly announced its new smartphone at IFA in Germany, the KT Spider Phone. Their new device isn't just any old smartphone though, it takes the idea Motorola brought us with the Motorola Atrix and expands  on it, in some very cool ways! The Spider

HTC Jetstream Hits AT&T: Price Unbelievable

The HTC Jetstream has just hit the AT&T online store. The 10.1" tablet is actually quite a beast, with a 1.5Ghz dual core CPU inside, and it looks quite nice too. I was all ready to big this tablet up, but to be honest I just