Cruz Announce Two Budget Android Tablets: Sans Honeycomb

Velocity micro has brought 2 new android tablets, the Cruz T408 for $239.99 and the Cruz T410 for $299.99. Both sport a customised version of gingerbread, actually style to imitate honeycomb. They are not the greatest of tablets, falling into the budget range, but might be worth a

NIteUI: Pimp Out Your Android Phone - 4.0 Style

The new android market split us android owners into two camps, those who love it and those who hate it. There doesn't seem to be anything in the middle. Me? I love it. I think it looks cool, looks up to date and you gotta love swiping to navigate right?

AT&T Announce Titan 4G: Rebranded Huawei IDEOS X5

AT&T over in America have just announced their new phone, the Titan 4G. This AT&T branded phone is actually a rebranded Huawei U8800 IDEOS X5. Its arriving September 18th for $29.99 on contract. Huawei actually make decent phones, and as a budget handset this is

PingMe: New Group Messenger App For Android

Yet another group messaging app has been released for android, this time from San Francisco based RadiumOne Labs. It features everything you'd expect from a group messaging service, if you want to know exactly what, feel free to check out the other hundred available, as they pretty much all do

Sony UK Hosting Live Q&A Re Android Tablets Tonight

Sony UK will be hosting a live Q&A session tonight hosted by their "tablet expert" Omar. The new Sony tablets are going to be released in the UK soon, with the Sony Tablet S hitting this month for an expected £399. Be sure to go to Sony's

SwiftKey Launches Competition: Win a Vizio Tablet

SwiftKey are hosting a tablet giveaway competition to celebrate the fact they have saved over 10 billion keystrokes. If you haven't tried SwiftKey yet I suggest you do, it's one of the better android keyboards available. In fact, it's currently joint top of my own personal "android keyboard league" together