Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Coming Soon

The American Samsung website has the Galaxy Tab 8.9 pricing up for both its 16GB and 32GB models. We're big fans of Samsung products at Droid-Den, so be sure to check these tablets out if you are on the lookout for a slick android tablet! The 16GB version will

Droid-Den Recommends: 12-18 September 2011 [Part 2]

Muffin Knight Another classic game from Angry Mob. This game is so addictive, you might complete it fairly quickly, but you'll keep going back for more and more (speaking from personal experience!) Enter the fairytale world of the Muffin Knight! Brought to you by the creators of Guerrilla Bob! * Xperia

Droid-Den Recommends: 12-18 September 2011 [Part 1]

The Droid-Den team go through lots and lots of apps every week. Rather than throwing away all that knowledge we decided it would be a great idea to post a list of our favourite new(ish) apps every Monday from the previous week. We don't expect you to install each

LG Optimus Q2

LG have announced their new android phone the LG Optimus Q2, a QWERTY slider phone. The phone is expected to launch next week in South Korea, but we have no details on any worldwide release at the moment. The known specs so far are as follows (should expect more details

Street Fighter IV Coming Exclusively To LG

LG has announced that it has an exclusive agreement with game dev's CAPCOM for their new android game... Street Fighter IV! The deal will mean that LG will have exclusive rights to the game on their upcoming HD android phone for 3 months, the next in their line of (pretty

Evac & Evac HD Now Free On Android

Hexage have made their Pac-Man inspired Evac and Evac HD games free on the android market. I picked this game up myself back when it was first released (yep, even paid for it), and its a very good game. The graphics are simple, but top-notch and help make the game