Battle of The Budget Super Phones: Samsung Galaxy SII vs HTC Sensation

Ok, so maybe not quite budget phones, but they are definitely in the super category. These two phones have been out for quite a while now, and as such you can get both on quite reasonable contracts, and even for quite respectable sim only prices too (respectable in relation to

Official Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover Review

The guys over at MobileFun have kindly sent me an Official Samsung Galaxy Note flip cover for my Galaxy Note, so I thought I'd give it the once over for you guys out there who might be looking for some protection for your awesome phone (again, phone :P). The flip

Samsung Galaxy Note: A Discovery of One's Self

As most of you know, I've had the Samsung Galaxy Note for a while now, and I absolutely love it! The size is really something, and in my opinion, it's something cool! One of the great features of the device is the "S-Pen". The stylus that Samsung ships with the

Editorial: The Nexus Story... Introducing the Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released in the UK today, the next in line to the Nexus throne and the first phone to be released with the latest version of android, Ice Cream Sandwich! It's an interesting phone, running an interesting operating system, but perhaps even more interesting is the

Samsung Galaxy Note UK Retail Release & Galaxy Nexus Release!

I know a few of you have had your hands on the Galaxy Note for a while now, but today marks the launch of the phone in retail outlets, great news if you want to actually try this thing out before you buy! If you do though, my one piece

GameTel Game Controller Accessory Coming to Android

Swedish company Fructel is about to unveil their new android mobile phone peripheral, aimed towards the gamers amongst us. The new accessory goes by the name of GameTel, and gives you the ability to play your favourite android games using a gamepad rather than the touchscreen you might be used