Top Tips For The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich! [Part 1]

Hopefully many of you out there will have had a great Christmas, and received this fantastic phone from a loved one! Or more likely, treated yourself to something nice...! :P I've gathered some of the best tips for features and functionality you might not have realised existed within the Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Nexus CaseMate Barely There Case Review

I've had the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a few weeks now, and if you follow me on twitter, you'll know I rate this phone extremely highly. In fact out of all the phones I own, I rate it highly enough for it to be my daily driver. Mobile phone covers

A Wonderfully Android Christmas

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away now, and if you're anything like me then all that Christmas cheer will soon be ready to burst out! In my household, I'm not the only one with a whole load of Christmas cheer, check out the cute little fella's enjoying

Google Currents For Android: Get The APK Here

By now you should all have heard about the new major app from Google for android named Google Currents. If not, then check out the official blog post from Google themselves introducing the new app/feature. The app essentially lets you explore magazine like articles from over 150 publishers. The

Samsung Galaxy SII Official Mesh Case Review

The Samsung Galaxy SII is still one of the best phones available to buy today, hell, some of you might even argue it's still the number 1 best phone you can get your hands on right now... and who am I to argue? At the very least, it's still up

Muffin Knight For Android Review: Xperia Play Optimised

I've been playing Muffin Knight for a long time. Originally I bought it for the Samsung Galaxy SII, and really enjoyed it using the on screen controls, however when I played it on the Xperia Play, its like a whole new game! The Xperia Play controls really suit this game.