Expansys's top 5 selling Android handsets of 2011

This is a guest post from Rob Williams of Expansys. He gives us an insight into the top 5 selling android phones for 2011. There's a few surprises in there, as well as one not so surprising entry! There’s no doubt 2011 has been a fantastic year for Android.

Official Samsung Galaxy Nexus White Version Photos!

This might not please a few of you, but we have the official pictures of the white Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and unfortunately the whole front of the phone is black!! I nkow many of you were hoping the front of the phone would also be white, but had suspected it

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 32GB + White Version Incoming!

One of the biggest (and nearly the only issue if it wasn't for the camera) issues I have with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the lack of a microSD card slot. Well, the issue is actually with the maximum space of 16GB, the lack of a slot just means it

Win a CaseMate Barely There Case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus! [Competition]

Here at Droid-Den we get all kinds of android related goodies sent to us for review, and we hope you enjoy reading our thoughts on them as much as we enjoy playing with them! This year we'll be hosting a lot more giveaways too, including those android phones (oh yes!

Review: GameTel Bluetooth Gamepad For Android

Fructel, an electronics company based in Sweden have recently released a new bluetooth controller to the market for android devices. The new product goes by the name of Gametel and is a bluetooth gamepad specifically designed for android phones and tablets. We managed to get our hands on one early

Official Droid-Den Android App Half Price For 2012!

We here at Droid-Den hope you had a lovely Christmas period, and wish you all the best for the coming year! As a little treat to start off 2012 we have slashed the price of the official android Droid-Den app to only 50p/99 cents for the new year. Simply