Great Android Apps Discounted for Play Promotion

As you should know by now, Google has rebranded their android market, music, book and video services under the one brand of "Google Play". As part of this promotion Google are offering quite a number of great apps for only £0.49p. There are some great selections to be

Angry Birds Seasons Cherry Blossom update is out now!

The update is available on the android market right now. Go grab it from the link below! :D We should be getting the Space update at the end of the month too, so March is a good month for Angry Birds Addicts :P #news Source Angry Birds Seasons Angry Birds

So, as part of the Google Play promotion, loads of #android games are down to £0.49p....

So, as part of the Google Play promotion, loads of #android games are down to £0.49p. And there are some damn good ones!! My pick are listed below!-

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Otterbox Commuter Case Review

Rachid: The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is pretty much the phone to have right now. As a Nexus phone it's probably the only phone you can get your hands on right now that guarantees future updates to the next few iterations of android at least. Here at Droid-Den we've reviewed a

Droid-Den’s Weekly Update

Welcome to another news round-up from the Android world. It has been a while since the last time I posted a weekly update, but here is some news you may have missed from this week in short, simple snippets. HTC Endeavor Specs Leak. HTC CFO Winston Yung has already dropped

[Winners!] Funky Cool Android Mug

Last week we held the competition of a lifetime, the chance to win not only a prize, but win the respect and envy of all your workmates, and that prize was one of these beautiful android mugs. The competition ended last night, and we are happy to announce the two