Mini Android Review: HTC One X

The One X is HTC's new powerhouse android phone, the one they hope will change their recent poor performance in the android world. Running a quad-core CPU inside, it definitely won't be short on power! Check out a quick overvie of our thoughts on this phone below! Mini Review Display

Review: Sony Xperia S

The Sony Xperia S marks Sony’s entrance as an independent entity into the android smartphone market. The Xperia S is marketed as a high-end android phone, targetting those of us who like the latest and best in technology. You can get your hands on the Xperia S for around

We're still looking for #android fans to join the Droid-Den team by the way!...

We're still looking for #android fans to join the Droid-Den team by the way! All details below Source Droid Den » Join The Team android, and want to share that passion with others. We are primarily looking for people to write: app and game reviews. how-to or help

I find the Instagram UI for #android not that intuitive

Disagree? Try looking for the menu button... O_o

My Top 5 Android Apps Right Now

I've been trying out new social apps recently, and came across Formspring. It's a service where you can ask people to ask you questions, and the responses are public. One of the android related questions I was asked was to name my top 5 android apps and why. It took

Temple Run Finally Comes to Android!

The hit ios game Temple Run has finally made its way on to android. We have been waiting for a long long time, and after countless fakes you're able to download it from the Google Play Store. Oh, and one of the best things? Yep, it's also free! "You've stolen